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Our Diaper Cakes are made only from the best products PAMPERS, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, ELEGANT BABY, CARTER, LUVABLE FRIENDS AND THE LIST GOES ON. We specialize in RUSH ORDERS. If it looks like we do not have what you are looking for just call and we will more than likely be able to accomodate it. Thanks for visiting and just wait until you hear the response when they open the thoughtful gift you have given them. Our company has not had one diaper cake returned to us and all we receive is only the best feedback. Enjoy Shopping with us.

Thediapercake.com was created by Christy Owens, Stay at home mother of twin baby girls in the Chicago area. I realized what kind of amazing feedback I received by giving my diaper cakes as gifts and realized how many people had no idea what a diaper cake was. Being from the Chicago area I realized there is great opportunity to get the word out and start my own business.
How I got started:

I started putting together diaper cakes about 10 years ago for fun and never really thought about starting my own business with the idea. About 4 years ago my husband and I decided to start a family. With many months of trying, conceiving children was not as easy for us. With a little help from science, our twin baby girls came in August of 2005. When the news came that is was twins we were ecstatic. I had already been researching how to open my own business selling diaper cakes so I made my final decision and started taking action. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my future new arrivals but I also knew it would be difficult to live on one income. I researched over a year, found only the best vendors, got a website together and here we are. My goal was to make the best diaper cake on the market and still be comparable in price. We have achieved that goal. We have the most diapers and the best quality ingredients on our diaper cakes and still offer them at a reasonable and competitive prices.

What sets us apart:
The help I have from family is a blessing to me and my kids. This is a family run business and all of our
diaper cakes are made by hand and from scratch. We buy only the best ingredients for our diaper cakes. I would not put something on my diaper cakes that I would not use myself. We use Pampers, Gerber, Baby Gund, Elegant Baby and Johnson and Johnson. We do not cut any corners when it comes to the quality and craftsmanship of our diaper cakes.

We make the
diaper cakes as the orders arrive and we finish them off so that they are the most beautifully presented diaper cakes in the business.


Fake n Fancy Diaper Cakes said...

Hi! What made you decide to post a diaper cake comparison directory? I think it's neat!

By the way, my name is Cecilia Lynn, and I am owner and creator of Fake n Fancy Diaper Cakes.

Have a great night!

Bonnie said...

I'm Bonnie Owner of Fresh From Above, LLC. I feel so honored to be a part of this list. I have been in the diaper cake business online for 16 months & it has been a wonderful experience. I love making beautiful, useful gifts for new parents and their precious babies. I love finding just the right item for my diaper cakes to put a smile on a new mom's face.

This must have been time consuming finding all the different diaper cake sites. So, I Thank You for including Fresh From Above!

All the best,

Becca White, founder of Diaper Cakes by Becca said...

This is the most complete list on the web and I am honored to have my company on this list. We all have so much talent.....

Diaper Cakes said...

How can I get my Diaper Cake Company listed in this site?