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Check out these diaper cake creations from...

Lin's Super Diaper Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes.

Baby Shower Cake

This cute cake is about 16 inches high with over 50 diapers. It includes 25 yummy custom molded white chocolate suckers and 10 sugar "bottle" cookies. $85

New Born Cakes.

Colossal Diaper Cakes


Becca White, founder of Diaper Cakes by Becca said...

I am impressed with the list you have composed. I wasn't even aware of a lot of these companies.

A great diaper cake company uses premium diapers, NEW baby goodies, has an established client base (look for feedback!) and demonstrates the style you are looking to achieve.

With this many companies I don't think anyone can say that none of them suited their taste!

Celebrate Baby!

thediapercake said...

Christy Owens, Owner www.thediapercake.com
I love this place. All the companies in one spot so its easier for people to choose what they are looking for. Definitely impressed!